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First ticket buyers

First ticket buyers

Over 500 of packages sold in an hour

Published 12.04.2023 16:33 GMT+3 | Author Organizing Committee
First ticket buyers
Vladislav Tretiak, the President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, hands a symbolic gift ticket to the first buyers of tickets for the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.
On 6th November the ticket sale for the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Russia was launched worldwide.

More than 500 buyers from 19 countries all over the world and from 110 Russian cities were registered in the first hour at the official ticket sales point online and at ticket offices.

Only multi-day packages in Moscow are available during the first stage of ticket sale. Tickets for the final round and packages in the qualification round involving the Russian national team were the most popular ones. The first contingent of packages on sale was sold out within the first hour. Fans buying packages to follow the national teams of the Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland in Moscow also attracted big interest.

In order to prevent tickets reselling on the black market it was decided to set a limit for the number of tickets to be sold to one customer (no more than 6 tickets) and to release additional ticket packages for the most popular games for sale several times a month.

All spectators will have a chance to purchase tickets for the most popular games especially matches with the Russian national team and for the final weekend from the official ticket seller until the very beginning of the World Championship. In April these tickets will also be available in the ticket booths of the Ice Palace in Moscow and the Sports Palace Yubileiny in St. Petersburg.

Those who want to learn about the forthcoming ticket sale in advance can subscribe to the newsletter at the official ticket seller’s website The next contingent of tickets for the most popular games will go on sale in the middle of the current week.

Until April 2016 only multi-day packages for two to 34 games will be on sale. Single-game tickets will go on sale a month before the beginning of the championship. By that time several games will be selected with ticket prices as low as 375 rubles (approx. €5-6 with the current exchange rate).

Tickets can be purchased at the official website, as well as at and, in ticket offices and through the call centre at +7 (495) 258-00-00. Packages for St. Petersburg will be on sale in December and with the third stage of the ticket sale in April, tickets will be available at the ticket offices both arenas.


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