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Yubileiny ready

Yubileiny ready

Russia, Norway open venue in St. Petersburg

Published 12.04.2023 16:34 GMT+3 | Author Alexander Yakobson
Yubileiny ready
The Yubileiny Sports Complex before an exhibition game between Russia and Norway. Photo: Alexander Yakobson
The Yubileiny Sports Complex was built in 1967 but its interior was completely refurbished for the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

Now it’s ready to host guests from all over the world in less than four weeks from now.

The view from the outside hasn’t changed since it’s a building of historical value. That’s the reason why the letters on the facade still read "Sports Palace", although it’s now officially called the Yubileiny Sports Complex.

But inside the old walls on Petrogradsky Island of St. Petersburg a new arena appears. What has been done by the organizers for fans and participants of the upcoming 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship?

Let's talk about it in the right order.

1. Ice. The old ice-making facility was completely replaced by a new refrigeration unit. Fans will probably not notice these fundamental changes but the quality of ice depends on it. The venue will in the future be host for three local teams - Dynamo, SKA-1946 and Serebryanye Lvy. The building contains three ice rinks of which two will be in use as such, the main building for the games and a smaller arena for practices. The third rink will be used for storage room during the event.

2. Dressing rooms and storage. Special storage room was created in the complex for the convenience of the participants. Staff will not need to come to every game with huge luggage. Eight spacious dressing rooms were equipped for the tournament. They will be reserved for the participating national teams for all time.

3. Foyer. The reconstructed arena is not only comfortable for teams but also for fans. It is beautiful and neat, the redecoration is eye-catching with light walls, new restaurants and merchandise outlets that complement the atmosphere for the large sports festival. In the central hall an exhibition dedicated to hockey and other sports will be set up. The venue will also be used for training in figure skating. Famous throughout the world Mishin and Moskvina trained in Yubileiny.

4. Lighting. The outdated system was replaced with modern lighting diodes. That will be a big plus for the quality of television broadcasts and great photos from the games. Millions of hockey fans around the world will appreciate it.

5. Video cube. Perhaps it's one of the most notable and spectacular changes. It will please all fans who visit the arena. The capacity of the main venue is 6,000 seats.

All these factors were important for an incredible atmosphere with the first international preparation games that took place this weekend between the national teams of Russia and Norway. And the event made it clear: St. Petersburg loves and appreciates hockey. Russia’s Northern Capital is ready for the Worlds!


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